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About us
About us
We are a group of engineers from various specialties: industrial, electronic, software... Most of us study together and something important unites us all: the love of challenges and the desire to change people's lives.
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In 2019 we experimented by combining something that was thought impossible: Electromagnetic emissions (which produce muscle vibrations) and Neuromuscular emission (which creates up to 52,000 deep and powerful contractions). Thus WONDER was born.
We invented the
Aesthetic Bodybuilding

Since 2013 we have stood out in the world of elite sports and fitness, creating technologies that helped numerous World and Olympic champions improve their physical parameters in record time. Eliminating unwanted fat (the enemy of every athlete) and perfecting its muscular structure. Increasing speed, endurance and explosiveness.

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Today we are present in more than 40 countries and we continue to invent new techniques that help people to be healthier, more beautiful and above all, happier.

We invite you to visit our factory and share our love for technology and innovation!
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Get in touch with us and get to know the most powerful technology in the world to build muscle and burn fat.