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The 25 minutes that will change your life
A 25-minute session produces the same muscle wasting, metabolic disturbance and caloric consumption as several hours of training in the gym.
Shaping the future of
premium beauty

WONDER provides solutions to the most demanded treatments:

  • Buttocks lifting
  • Arms toning
  • Leg
  • Flat abdomen
  • Skin Tightening
  • Increase strength and endurance

All at the same time. In comfortable sessions of only 25 minutes.

Girl using Wonder

All control of Wonder is in your hands. From distance. The Wonder Tablet keeps you up to date on the time of the session, the treatment in progress and the intensities in each treated area. Your presence is no longer essential.

Girl using Wonder with a female doctor
Is a Matter Of

Not only have we invented the most powerful Radical Body Toning technology on the market. We have also paid special attention to offering our users an unforgettable UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Treatment with the medical equipement of Wonder is exciting and pleasurable.
Customers always ask for more!

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One Device = Four Simultaneous Users.
Imagine being able to control with your WONDER®, simultaneously, up to four users, in different locations, with different programs and parameters.
Because group treatments are fashionable.
Because your time is gold.

Diagram of four people using Wonder at the same time


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