The future comes
to your clinic

There are many reasons to want WONDER. It's a leap into the future, where your patients become your community and your clinic the place where they want to be.
The facial
Muscle Toning

WonderFace is the first facial treatment device capable of combining synchronized Inductive Monopolar Radiofrequency with Neuromuscular emissions. It has undergone rigorous clinical trials, and its ergonomic design and ease of use allow beauty professionals to easily integrate it into their procedures.

Neuromuscular emissions work directly on facial muscles, helping to tone them and improve firmness, especially in problematic areas such as the zygomatic, frontal, and platysma muscles (double chin).

Woman using WonderFace, the facial toning device
Technology you have
never seen before

The body treatment with wonder axon uses focused electromagnetic therapy, high intensity neuromuscular emissions and now also inductive radio frequency, which allows, in a much more selective and safe way, to raise the internal temperature of the dermis and adipose tissue up to 45 degrees, offering even better results in fewer sessions.

In addition to the usual wonder results of a minimum 10% increase in muscle mass and reduction in fat mass, now the thermal effect allows a retraction of the tissues and an immediate loss of body volume.

Girl using Wonder
WONDER Prestige
Record power
Immediate results

The new WONDER Prestige is the undisputed world leader in body shaping:

  • First and Only combining Electromagnetic and Neuromuscular Emissions.
  • Between 6 to 7 simultaneous muscle groups.
  • Possibility of 4 users at the same time.
  • Record depth of 16cms
  • Results in just 2 weeks
  • Unique SuperMan and SuperWoman programs

Discover the New Beauty Trend: fat reduction and muscle growth in less time

Girl using Wonder
Become the Leader
in your market

Designed with the beauty professional in mind. Make a difference in your area with the number one technique: Electromagnetic and Neuromuscular Emissions.
4 simultaneous muscle groups. Toning, slimming and skin improvement programs.
Immediate results.

Girl using Wonder
Sculpt Body
The easy way
for small businesses

SculptBody simplifies the powerful Aesthetic Bodybuilding technique to the maximum:

  • Focused Neuromuscular Emissions
  • No any machinery needed, the entire electronic is inserted into the ElectroSuit
  • 4 Simultaneous Muscle Groups
  • Toning, Slimming and Skin Improvement Programs

Easy to use and move. Ultra-powerful and friendly, it's perfect for starting into the revolutionary Aesthetic Bodybuilding!

Girl using Wonder
The Tracking Lab
Metrics you can
always count on

So that everything is always under control, we have launched our own system for exact measurement of the calories consumed during the WONDER session.

The Tracking Lab sensors work with advanced algorithms to offer you all the information you need in your treatment: heart rate, caloric consumption and percentage of physical exercise performed. It also allows you to keep track of user attendance and device usage history. To keep giving it all!

Table with The Tracking Lab, a heart rate tracking system


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